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  1. Peter Rozie Jr says:

    I’ve had trouble with jumpy video within Navi-x and constantly receive scripting errors when trying to update Mac OS using hubwizard, also when I go to reinstall hubwizard can no longer find the plugin in Fusion only that its down for maintenance. Been following the threads for some time now and all I’ve been hearing is that it will take another week to fix because of a problem with Google, whats the real deal and can anyone answer any of the questions I posed directly above?

  2. Yeaaa it does, i had xbmc installed on my original xbox.

  3. I have the XBMC HUB wizard install, but when it updates the HDMI audio output stops working. I get video but no audio to my receiver. I’ve try the System setting to Audio output HDMI and also the audio selection to HDMI but no audio except on my laptop.
    What am I doing wrong?

  4. hey.. i want to install xbmc hub on my andorid mobile but when i create ”fusion” and go to it, there is empty folder, no xbmc wizard beta? Help me pls tnx

  5. soon!

  6. are you using an apple computer? if not try it again, if so safari automatically unzips files like this and you need to adjust the settings in safari to keep it from autounzip… either way let me know we are happy to help!

  7. Kawaiiansprinkes says:

    i try installing xbmc hub wizard and get this message dependencies not met what can i do to fix this please help thank you

  8. Tim Shackelford says:

    Wish this worked for Ubuntu

  9. I prefer XBMC over the older I initial builds that have no benefits like today’s version with xbmchub addons. My gosh who even uses the old 2003 model. I prefer xbmc on either a pc or jailbroken ipad

  10. alfred aramburu says:

    Nope it wont work on an xbox, so much for X Box Media Center huh???

  11. alfred aramburu says:

    Will this work on an xbox?

  12. Arthur Sosnowski says:

    I keep getting “dependencies not met” when I try installing the xbmchub wizard.. What do I do?

  13. Sorry not for openelec

  14. Is this suitable for OpenELEC? I didn’t see any XMBChub Wizard options for OpenELEC. Please let me know which one to use

  15. Backgrounds are under system appearance settings. Click my name here and go to my channel and look for my other video about customizing the look of xbmc for all devices

  16. Powercycle video is on my channel just click my name it’s under wifi fix

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