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UAAP Season 75 Women’s Volleyball Finals Game 2 between the Ateneo De Manila University and De Le Salle University. DLSU leads 1 – 0 in the best of three gam…
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Question by Jerm-X: Any tips on how to overhand serve a volleyball?
I want to play on my seventh grade volleyball team. I know how to overhand serve but somtimes it dosen’t make it over the net. Is their any tips on how to make it over the net most of the time?
I would appriciate if their are any tips.

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Answer by Hannah r
Hit the bottom of the ball. it will be a loopy serve but it will go over. do push ups to get strong and slowly try to hit the middle of the ball to get a flat serve. swing hard and fast and keep you hand high. let a bad toss drop and remember it is better to get a serve over and loopy than flat and in the net.

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  1. Louisse Nixole says:

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  2. mhiraj132012 says:

    Animo ONE LA SALLE!!! m/

  3. gabriela enise says:

    may legacy pla n iniwan ang “fab 5″??? legacy without a championship…

  4. jasonloveshannah says:

    Dennise Lazaro 333

  5. Elizer huelar Huelar says:

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  6. digital0926 says:

    Go ateneo. Galing ng idol ko cainglet.

  7. dina abaigar says:

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  8. dina abaigar says:

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  9. arietapenalosa says:

    Go ateneo love to watch you.. silent but deadly….

  10. jherik garcia says:

    sana ma upload din yung ngayong shakeys v league 2nd conference…….

  11. Charls Albino says:

    I cant wait for the UAAP Season 76. Magagaling ang teams ngayon lalo yung NU. Piro Green Spikers ang kupunan ko. :)

  12. raul evangelista says:

    miss ko na to….

  13. season76 mukhang sila ang match……

  14. bebong ilumba says:


  15. Concentrate, practice in the gym or somewhere by yourself. Comment 1 was right about doing push-ups to get stronger, but if you want to go beyond that, start doing pull-ups. The combination will strengthen from your biceps to your shoulders and that is where your power will come from. Also,practice tossing the ball up the same way everytime. When you make contact with the ball, you want your body to be positioned so that the ball is slightly in front of you. If you practice this, you will see what I’m talking about. Keep trying until you find the right angle that will put the ball over for you, and then practice consistency. Once you get that down, you will be able to learn how to change the angle and learn how to place the ball where you want it to go.

  16. What you should do is you should hold the volleyball a little high up, and u should have a TOSS not a THROW. And while its coming down, and i mean COMING[ cause if its already down, it wont make the ball over] quickly cup your hand, and hit it with your palm. This takes practice. The toss is one of the most important things. just make sure its not too high, and while its coming down, cup your hand, swing your arm, then HIT it with your wrist. If you keep practicing this, it will surely go over the net.
    Hope I helped.

  17. The keys are a solid toss that is slightly in front of your hitting shoulder, full extension of the arm, and solid contact with the hand.

    If you’re putting it short, chances are the ball is above or even slightly behind you when you’re hitting it. Or, you’re contacting the ball in the top part of the ball, not giving it a chance to get over the net.

  18. Hey! I’m in 7th grade and is on the jv team. For me, overhands are hard. But keep practicing!

    I have been practicing my overhands.


    Try practicing this by hitting the ball against a wall. Or try doing this by starting in the middle of the court and slowly moving back a step when you progress. Soon, you will be able to hit the ball overhand from the back of the line where you serve.

  19. I play volleyball too & I had the hardest time getting my overhand serve down.
    One thing you can do is don’t throw it up too high because it will end up coming back behind you and it never goes good.
    Also don’t throw it to short back you then find yourself scrambleeing to get it up and over.
    Toss the ball about 6-9 inches about your arm lenght. This is the perfect high.
    If your having trouble getting it over, hit the bottom portion of the ball. This helps.
    And one last thing. Everybody has one perspn they don’t like. Just out there face on the ball..get mad..and hit away!
    Good Luck On Making The Team:)

  20. Practice ur toss a lot. ur toss is the most important part of the serve. make sure ur toss is out in front of u.

  21. make sure both of your feet are facing perfectly forward
    when your make your toss toss it high and straight
    when your hit it transfer your wieght from your back to front foot.
    when your come into contact with the ball follow through.
    hope this helped

  22. okay sometimes it could be your toss. so toss either in front of you hitting shoulder or in front of your face. and then if you want a nice hard top spin flick your wrist

  23. volleyball-training-ground.com says:

    Check out this web site that outlines the process for serving more accurately:


    Hope this helps.

  24. Your toss is the most important part. If you are right-handed, toss the ball in front of your right shoulder so your arm ends up going straight in front of you instead of off to the side.

    For some reason I lean when I serve, and it causes the ball of almost not make it over but with lots of power. I call it the line drive ball. Your serve comes from your strength too. You can’t make it over just with a toss. Lift dumbbells you increase your arm strength. If you notice your serve going to one side or the other instead of straight, either your toss is off to the side or your hand isn’t contacting the ball in the right spot.

    I like to try and hit right in the middle of the ball as to derive the most power. If you get it just right, the ball will appear to move from side to side, my personal favorite (knuckle ball). When you incorporate all that you have learned, your serves should be fairly consistent.

  25. hit the center or the middle of the ball keep it tight so that when you release it it will surely be good hit and comes a good point of shot.

  26. Practice your form: first start off with the foot oppisite the hand holding the ball pointed out. Then after your toss, step into the hit with your other foot. Alter this to however many steps you need.

    Also its in your swing. Make sure you follow through when hitting the ball. Not only does it add power to your hit it helps you later on when you want to add a topspin to your serve.

    WORK ON YOUR TOSS. it is the key part of serving. If it is far behind you, you wont be able to hit it, and it will be bad on your back. You want your toss to fall in front of the foot that is pointed outwards.

    When hitting the ball, make sure you contact the ball at its highest point in the air, and with the palm of your hand.

    *Make sure your shoulders are facing towards the court so it doesnt go out of bounds!
    good luck:)

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