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Rumours On Pawan Kalyan's Political Entry - CVR News Special Story

Is Pawan Kalyan Getting Ready to Enter into Politics Special Story.

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Question by Jim_atthedrive-in: Question about Hallal foods for muslims.?
okay stupidest question, even by yahoo standards. I saw the video of the Syrian commander eating the guy’s heart and I can’t help thinking, “Is that hallal?”
perhaps someone can explain to me what the koranic guidelines for hallal are. Also do you think other Sunnis might be disgusted by this man eating a heart? Is it not both dietary sin and desecration of a corpse? Might it cost the rebels some support in the Sunni world?


Best answer:

Answer by Adullah M
Those rouge soldiers or rebels are waged as being mercenaries by some arab countries who wants to topple Syrian Government as they have done in Libya .So any one know who they are.
This topic should be on politic.

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  1. samir_sogay says:

    Eating it is haram but the act is a normal act in any war of casting fear in your opponents. This is a common strategy.

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