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ایران ایتالیا لیگ جهانی‌ والیبال ۲۰۱۳ بازی اول کامل.

Question by Bre: How do you become a volleyball ref for middle and high school games in Texas?
I’ve played volleyball for years and I’ve been trained to be a ref but I have never took the test to become one. I would love to start being a ref does anyone know where I can get licences to become a ref in central Texas.

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Answer by VB Coach
I’m not sure about that region specifically, but what you might do is contact the athletic director at some of the schools where you’d like to referee and ask them who provides their referees. There are quite a few regional refereeing organizations who train and schedule refs for school competitions.

For USA Volleyball, you can check out their refereeing website: http://www.volleyballreftraining.com/index.php

There is also the Professional Association of Volleyball Officials (PAVO) at https://pavo.org/Default.aspx that might be able to help you.

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  1. mohammadalitorabi says:

    Iran national volleyball team is the champion of the world,
    Good job
    vive l’IRAN

  2. sonka tiendita says:


  3. Nima Valinejad says:

    Zer nazan baba …

  4. Alireza AB says:

    the reporters were terrible or perhaps horrible! They could not even say a single technical strategy! they were dar sathe zero!! but nice game, good to see people in the stadium;-)

  5. George Almani says:

    گزارشگر بازي بايد فقط وقايع توي زمين را بگويد نه اينكه در اين لحظه تعويض آقاي ولاسكو اشتباه است !

  6. baradar100 says:

    yashasin iran….zende bad iran….

  7. kavehmir says:

    مفسر دهاتی، وقتی ولاسکو دستانش را بالا می بره یعنی توپ به دست بازیکن ایران نخورده!

  8. Aphrodite3D says:

    چه ست آخر نفس گیر بود. من با وجود اینکه می دونستم ایران 3 بر 1 برده باز اضطراب داشتم!!

  9. ariyan shahsavar says:

    this is Iran,land of Aryan,land of lions.

  10. Morteza Modaber says:


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  12. Max Rookie says:


  13. Majid Soltani says:

    دم همشون گرم

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