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Program yang menyuguhkan berita atau informasi menarik dari dunia entertainment, di dalam dan luar negeri berdasar pada fakta dan informasi. Program ini juga…
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SERA ♥ im willing to sub this, if you can help translate just let me know n_n.
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Question by Helweh: Entertainment or Women’s type Magazine in Arabic language for subscription in USA?
I am looking for a magazine subscription (print copy, not an online magazine), in Arabic. Something that would include entertainment news, women’s issues, fashion, etc. would be great. Published either in the USA or abroad are both fine, but I need it sent to me in the United States. Anyone know of any that are available?

Best answer:

Answer by judi
there’s ‘zahrat al- khaleej’ زهرة الخليج

and ‘sayedaty’ سيدتى

i prefer the formal one, very great hot- topics

i’m sure you find them in the Arabiab grocary stores

there’ll have an address of their headquarters where you can send your subscription; they have a monthly and a year subscription as well. good luck!

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  1. Deseo Desaka says:

    lol, haha. the dorky side of Nine Musses.

  2. OMG EUNJI DOING B.A.P’S “WARRIOR” … i love nine muses even more now

  3. LovableLittleRabbit says:

    Nine Muses kind of have pairs in all of their appearances. Leesem and Erin, Sera and Hyuna, Hyemi and Kyungri and Eunji and Minha.

  4. Baginda Hutapea says:

    Hahaha.. Parodying “The Great Legacy” and “Four Things” from Gag Concert.. I Think they love the show so much… :)

  5. Zico Floss says:

    Lesang is really really charming!

  6. hyuna totally look like seo inyoung with and without make up

  7. PikitaFujimiya says:

    ajajajjajajajajjajajajajja they are really funny and pretty! I love this girls (*0*) by the way! Eunji reminds me to Yoshizawa Hitomi ex-morning musume XD and Sera reminds me to Junho from 2pm lol

  8. SecretMines Fields says:

    beautiful with no make up! love love love them!

  9. aww~ need the subs right here!! they’re too hilarious!! Erin is the most beautiful …and the girls too!! jyeah!!

  10. without make-up? WOW!! still beautiful!! i love this girls!!

  11. Fushinorei says:

    omg they have creepy talents too I LOVE THESE GIRLS, MinHa’s hands OMG LMAO

  12. LEESAM ♥

  13. SunnyPapayaa says:

    sub sub sub plzzz

  14. hyungjuni says:

    Without makeup,I couldn’t recognize Hyuna

  15. hoang long bui says:

    Erin and Leesem seem closer, they’re always together.

  16. Nine Muses, even without make-up they are so beautiful<3

  17. Hột Hếu says:

    Minha’s hands ……..so amazing =))

  18. Aww, they were so happy when they got the cake, only to find out they were rewarded for being 1st place for their…. heights. lol. Saera even said to take the cake back as a joke.

  19. Arturo Olivera says:

    when they are in a report, they seem to be funny, but none have subtitles = (

  20. Tanya37red says:

    Its so nice to see the goofy side to them !

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