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Question by kooikerhounddog: how do you know when bollywood stars are going on tour?
I really want to see a Bollywood star on tour this summer but I don’t know where to find more info on it. There’s occasionally an Indian (entertainment) news program that plays but it didn’t exactly help. I wanted to know which Bollywood stars are on tour and might be coming to the U.S. Such as Ranbir Kapoor. I also would like to know where the tickets would be on sale and when. Thanks. PS I’ve been checking official sites but really don’t see any info.

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Answer by Travel Oracle™
lol where do u stay? Generally its very easy to spot stars in ‘star specific hangouts’…also they go different places to promote their new released movies…Eveery metero in India specially Bombay,Delhi,Pune & Calcutta have specific clubs, places where stars chill out during the night…Yep entry to those places is not cheap…Another excellent place to spot stars is at the International Airports…National ones for small stars and intl airp for big stars…

U wont get much help in officicial sights…There they only have official tour timings..Official tours have so much crowd that u wont even be allowed near 10 feet of the star.. another good place is to follow them on twitter..Tey update their approx location there…

Or best go to Venice or Cannes during a film fest…

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  1. for ranbir kapoor
    they haven’t confirmed it yet, they are still in talks about it
    but to find out you can go to their websites or fan-sites but the best way is look for the concert’s ads
    on tv if u have indian channels
    they’ll definitely have it and will tell you where to buy and they just give you all the info

  2. I’m very sorry, Mate, but I can’t help You with this one as I live in Aussie. Good Luck!!!

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