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As Emma Watson suffers a wardrobe malfunction at a premiere, we check out some other style slip ups on the red carpet.
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Question by margaretpisani711: Is there any way to win a ticket to the premier of Wild Hogs in Ocala Florida red carpet.?
John Travolta is having a red carpet extravaganza for Wild Hogs in his hometown of Ocala Florida. How can you get tickets for it?

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Answer by dakota
i think the “primer” was last week. Actually I think it was just a sneak preview that jon trovolting was gracious enough to bless with his glorious presence. I recall the commercials for sneak previews last saturday. From the trailers I have seen, trovolta should pay me to watch this movie.

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  1. I saw her ‘malfunction’ and it wasn’t her breast, it was her bra which is
    the stick on kind because her dress was backless.

  2. 8BitGamer4life says:

    I googled the uncensored versions.

  3. jeffreysons61 says:

    Dear Emma Watson, Please don’t get in to all that stupid hollywood
    bull.Don’t do that stuff, like fake wardrobe malfuctions.Don’t lower your
    self and don’t worry because you will always be loved.Take Care, Jeff S.

  4. I had a wardrobe mafunction this morning…. the door fell off it. :D

  5. I bet the editor jerked off really hard before putting stars on each photos!

  6. First americans are tactless slobs now we are too prude.

  7. jeffeharkins says:

    There is no such thing as cultural differences. There is just how many true
    God fearing men per community. The more true God fearing men there are the
    more respect the woman is shown and the less evil, one can get by with.

  8. jeffeharkins says:

    Everyone has the same sins in every part of the world. There is only one
    God so only one standard in the world. The only difference is the amount of
    men who has crucified their flesh and raised their standards to God’s.

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