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Question by fr0sting: How to raise money for a little girl?
We are trying to think of ways to raise money for a little girl who has no health insurance and needs to get a transplant. Can anyone think of good ways?

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I am not sure about a raffle, but have you thought of asking for payment plans most hospitals are willing to do that.

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  1. A singing or talent show, a bake sale, see if a local motorcycle group will do a benefit ride a car club or saddle club might do that too. Find out local laws on raffles. Collection jars in local stores and eating places. A community chili supper.

    Contact the foundation for whatever transplant she needs ie heart association, kidney foundation etc.; If you do not know how to find them go to http://www.needymeds.com Call the local welfare dept and as about emergency Medicaid. Talk to hospital social;services about indigent care.

    Ask local papers and TV stations to publicize the need and your fund raising efforts. if you are in a rural area check out the local electric membership company. They probably have something like what is called Operation Round Up here where people contribute the difference between their electric cost and the next highest dollar every month and that money is used to provide grants (usually up to $ 5000 or so) to people in need and to local organizations.

  2. Definitely check into what the laws are regarding doing a transplant on a girl whom does not have health insurance. Some states will not turn away a child, some will all for the love money.
    When my cousin had leukemia many years ago a local church had a bake sale. Food always sells well if it’s for a food cause, even if it is something simple like cookies.
    Go to a local bank and talk to them about setting up a money drop so people can donate money at any Bank of America for example. I agree, get a hold of the media and let them take over, if it gets on news or on a radio station that should yield some. Contact local businesses to see if they would like to donate.
    Also, consider doing something at work. That has been done at one of my old jobs for a co worker with brain cancer.
    Have a goal in mind. Call the hospital and ask how much things cost, hospital stays, doctor’s fees, medication. Set goals for the initial transplant and medical upkeep as that can get very pricey as well. Also, if she is getting a transplant she’ll be on medication for the rest of her life. Consider long term.

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